Did anyone else snap out of it and move on?

Can I just say something and I know I’ll get heat for this but I don’t care. I’ve blocked him on everything the moment it was over. However, I will periodically check for reassurance that he is what I think he is. I did the same thing unknowingly with my first narc(or more likely sociopath) I checked his social media once in a blue moon until I came to peace with the fact yep I feel confident he is mentally ill. It just took me time and a sort of reassurance I can’t find in myself. Would I ever talk to him if he reach out? Nope. If I saw him in public and he spoke to me I’d literally pretend I have no idea who he is. I needed to personally feel the the pain of knowing he could move on so quickly to really know he was someone without true feeling. We don’t all heal the same. For some people it’s just causing more anguish but for me it’s weirdly reassuring and allows me to be day just completely forget and move on as I have with others. Sometimes the more we try to fight our thoughts or urges the worse they become. Again not for everyone but for me.

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