Did anyone else go through the NoFap phase?

Ha. That's a good point. I'd probably have to get myself off using a vice nowadays to even feel anything like I used to as a teen. I do orgasm, and I'm cognitively aware that it's enjoyable, but I don't really feel that enjoyment. I've done it so many times, the whole thing seems a bit pointless at my age. I can still recall the first time I masturbated, and that rush of excitement has long gone. Nowadays, the experience is behind a sort of fog of depression, that stops me really feeling the enjoyment. It's hard to explain, the dopamine hit is there, but I'm not really tuned in to any more, the urge to do it is still there but there's very little reward. My orgasms are probably 5 times stronger than they ever were, but I'm 100 times less interested.

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