So did anyone here actually intend to buy DMC5 before MTs were announced? Or do people just like being part of the drama?

This is a straw poll, so I could be one in a million or part of the majority, but I cancelled my preorder of DMC 5 because I don't like pay-to-win microtransactions. If it was just for aesthetic things like a skimpy bikini brief reskin of the protagonists or other things that don't effect gameplay, I wouldn't have cared. What is important to me is that the main $60 experience is pristine and stand-alone. If it turns out to be true that the micro-transactions are not required to avoid a significant amount of grinding, then I'll buy it when it is on sale.

Also, to be perfectly honest, what I loved about these games was combat flow and I am getting that from Spider-man. . . so this "gameplay itch" has been thoroughly scratched recently. Plus, I haven't beaten Dragon Quest XI or the new Tomb Raider yet and I'm still playing the WoW expansion, so I don't need a new game - especially with only a month until Red Dead Redemption 2 comes out. My point is that micro-transactions made it easy to turn this from a "buy" to a "wait for a sale" but there were other factors too. Had they released in the summer when nothing else was coming out, I probably wouldn't have worried about microtransactions at all.

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