Did anyone notice Scion of Ugin's art takes up the full card like the Eldrazi?

Before I played magic (this is in like 8th grade, and I lived in a town with like 40 people, 2 hours away from a miccy D's), we had neighbors move in from out of town. Well they got hooked on meth really bad and one day their house was abandoned. With all their atuff. Like a month later new people moved in and found the stuff, asked us if we want any of it. There were magic cards and I thought they looked cool so I took them. There were probably 20ish trade binders full of cards. Once organized the binders s seemed to be in chronological order. The newest cards were kamigawa. I don't remember what sets the old ones were as I wasn't familiar with magic, I just remember with magic but it was easy to tell this one section was the newest and it talked about kamigawa a lot on the cards. Anyway I don't remember the oldest sets but I loved to lay awake at night and look at the cards and read them and admire the art. I remember there was a section of lands. Foil lands with great art, and I loved the older looking g ones that were volcanoes islands and forest plains, but why did some stupid lands make you sacrifice them? Dumb. But they provided me hours of fascination just admiring a card game I had never seen and could never feasibly play even if I knew how.

Now I play a lot and look at magic as numbers and power levels but I'll always remember the nights staring at those trade binders in wonder. I didn't k ow the value of what I was looking at. Old dual lands like savvanah. There was mox in there.

I came home from school one day and my mom and dad were strung out and had decided to move 1500 miles away as soon as I got home so I left the binders in my room, in a house in a small town hours away from anything important. There could be a trade binder with thousand of valuable cards. Or they got destroyed by the next method addict who moved in lol.

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