Did anyone notice that short haired Hannah seemed a lot chubbier? Do you believe this was done for cinematic effect?

I definitely wasn't bothered.

Actors/Actresses often lose/gain weight in incredibly short periods of time (sometimes leading to diabetes, etc.) for their roles in movies, TV shows, and the like. For example, look at (Christian Bales transformation)[http://cdn-mf1.heartyhosting.com/sites/mensfitness.com/files/styles/gallery_slideshow_image/public/transformations_christian_bale.jpg?itok=XnecywtH] between "The Machinist" and "Batman Begins", whose filming was in 6 months of each other. That is just one example, of something incredibly common that occurs in the movie industry. Having her do it wouldn't be out of character for Hollywood/where ever this was filmed.

My question was specifically to do with her weight change that I saw in the series. I asked in the title of the question "Do you believe this was done for cinematic effect?", as that was my main query. Your idea of "because she "let herself go" which is clearly a sign of depression" was what I was possibly hinting at.

Yes - I will notice weight, as will anybody else. The idea of not noticing it, is the same as not noticing a black person stand out in a row of whites. It's not a matter of "Oh, you racist" or "Oh, you fat shamer" but rather the fact that they will stand out - as hard as you try not to see colour/weight, this won't change. Their is a stark contrast between fit people and people who are overweight, (I am not saying that she was), but when TV has you used to seeing people with near perfect bodies, male or female, when that doesn't show up, you will recognise it.

I don't even know which area was filmed first. Maybe, according to my judgement, she got thinner throughout the filming.

And for the record, I also saw it with regards to the males. For instance, Clay seemed like a stick in comparison to the other guys, IMHO (even though they were overweight). That stood out. Don't even try and pretend that beauty standards are only a thing for women, and how "insidious misogyny is in our culture". Society expects women to be thin, and men to be buff. Both are as realistic expectations as you see, and both are hard to achieve. Just because I commented on a woman's weight, doesn't mean I wouldn't comment on a man's.

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