why did she apologize?

You do sound dumb haha You assumed things that were not actually fact. Was she pulling away or just too busy to give you the mental energy that was required to talk with you? Were you overbearing or just unusually talkative or thoughtful. All of these things are up to interpretation. And once you start putting words into people’s mouths like “sorry for being overbearing(did she say you were?)” you’re backing yourself into a corner. Just because you’re aware of your actions does not assume another might be doing the same. She might just think you’re being paranoid at this point?

As for your question. She may have apologized because she’s Canadian, Okay, taking Aside the cultural stereotyping/jokes. She could be apologizing for making you feel the way you do and Putting the blame on herself for not keeping up with you. Maybe she’s just polite and nonconfrontational. Idk her POV so this is a one sided story. You don’t know where you are on her priority list.

My advice is to stay present, even in texts, talk about something new, if you’ve droned on to make largeeee texts maybe it’s time to move to a different topic. Girls/guys will come and go in our lives. It’s just the way our paths lead us. Good luck op

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