Did the apostles reject Paul? An analysis of two scriptural "proofs"

Very interesting stuff. From a Christian perspective, it comes down to this dichotomy on those who elevate Paul and those who subordinate Paul.

Ultimately, Paul's theolgy is that the believer chooses whether something is a sin or not. Those who subordinate Paul, believe that Jesus and God determine what a sin is. Paul subjects whether something is a sin or not, to one's estimation of the thing, and the other's estimation of a thing. Pauls theology is that "sin" is in the eye of the beholder. Non Pauline theology, or Paul subordinating theology, or worst calse, Paul rejecting theology, is that the things God forbids are sin, no matter how much you feel that it's okay to do them.

This is the fundamental difference - are there god-given rules or are there votes by men to choose what is right.

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