Did the Buddha to to Hell? He lived a perfect life according to Buddhists, probably was in deep meditation in incredible bliss just before his death and then God was like "nah, you're going to eternal infinite suffering"?

What is meant by "seek God" in this context? I assume it can't be as straightforward as it appears - for example, is Socrates, in his capacity as a "virtuous pagan", referred to as such because his pursuit is ultimately aligned with the sheer seeking of truth? It seems like it can't be because he was "seeking God" as such, particularly in a pre-Aristotle environment.

I assume that the same could be said of Epicurus, yet Epicurus does not seem to enjoy that same categorization of "virtuous pagan" by the Church. Is this simply because his conclusions are often mutually exclusive with the framework of the Church? If so, then it would appear that it takes a little more than "seeking God" if we define that as something like "seeking sheer Truth", but perhaps this Catechism passage is unrelated to what's perhaps a much more informal/non-doctrinal category of "virtuous pagan".

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