Did Classic Loveline just go behind a paywall on podcastnone?

FACTS I have never been paid a dime by Podcastone nor anyone for MY CLL work. I have 136k in lost wages from my day job between 2003 and 2015, documented non payment for hours missed to work on LL. I have an unknown amount of lost wages from before that from my various jobs. Each LL tape takes 2.5-3.5hrs on average, some outliers take over 48hrs, this is to repair, transfer and edit/process. I have 3400 fans tapes, all have been done at least once some 2-3 times.

This doesn't account for tracking down tapes, turning in pirates, earning goodwill with Westwood one, recording podcasts to get the official tapes cache revealed by Anderson and helping with Lovelinetapes or anything else.

Nobody contacted me nor asked me about a paywall, from what I can gather it will be a premium app/subscription service ala "HOWL" the earwolf app.

I have been working in podcasts since the beginning, I have been transferring LL since the beginning.

Podcastone tried subscriptions for Bret Easton Ellis, it failed miserably according to him on his show.

Westwood one tried a premium subscription for current day Loveline, it was also a failure that brought in less than 50k per year and was a huge hassle and time problem, let alone getting out of it for the users or even for westwood one.

So they chose not to ask me what I think of this premium service nor how to make it better, offer shows in 128k stereo+ with or without intros etc.

Instead it seems someone will be re-cutting 64k mp3s and then removing ads and putting back up in now lesser quality, I assume that person will be paid, those shows already exist, I already saved in HQ sans commercials and intros, for free, nobody wants 'em.

I have no idea what's expected nor wanted of me, the only reason CLL is as popular as it is, is due to me.

They posted about 7 files and then quit in early 2013, there were 0 reviews on itunes and it was in the wrong category, I got them to switch to comedy and got 200+ 5 star reviews posted within 5 days, made it #1 in comedy, put the shows in the right order etc.

I numbered the shows, someone else asked me to do intros, it's not my vanity, I hate myself and would never put myself on my favorite show, it's for legal disclaimers and context only, yet I catch nothing but shit for them.

So I guess I'm expected to work for free while they collect ad revenue to the tune of 50k per month or more and 50$ subscription fees for bunk audio of my tapes.

They're out of official tapes, not surprising as the boxes they were in were being used as footrests for a time, they only have what's been put out + some mixed 2001-2005 stuff, which has been online since 2001-2005, the only way to make it worthwhile would be to release in HQ, nope.

Lovelinetapes.com is the place for all fan files, Podcastone is for everything, official included.

I got a pass for LLT to exist due to the site never taking a penny, operating at a loss. I'm sure that won't be honored and it will be closed when the premium service fails as the people running it don't even listen to podcasts nor have any wisdom about this at all.

I don't really care, I hope I die and I'm pretty much done trying to do any of this.

I wasted my life trying to share the thing that saved my life, nobody cares and I'm a gross monster who should vanish let alone speak for 30 seconds and ruin someone's day.

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