Why did Crystal lie?



I don’t think Crystals was a lie. We saw Sutton say racially problematic/ dark things at Tahoe right before the ‘are you that girl’ thing. Then Garcelle stirs everything up, and in my view sets Crystal up- by getting her to come back to a safe space to see them- then telling Crystal with everyone present, that she thought Crystal ‘set up’ Sutton last year.

Crystal was obviously hurt- and I think she went to justify herself using the word dark, but never intended to say what Sutton had said on camera- I don’t think she meant the dark comment to come out. Next day she apologised and said it was problematic but forgivable.

Neither Crystal or Sutton wanted it addressed further- by Kyle and Garcelle kept interfering. Crystal offered to speak to Garcelle and Sutton in private. They refused. She couldn’t really say ‘did you not see on TV what they played showing Suttons racial ignorance and fragility?’ As it would break 4th wall.

Sutton and Garcelle went to lunch to discuss what it may be- Sutton told the kids in the pool story (which some do find problematic) so they went with that must be it.

In Mexico Sutton said what the comment was- after everyone was shouting and pushing Crystal, who was very emotional. Crystal never agreed- she just went along with it and she just said - do you not find that problematic- which of course no one did. Plus most of that group including Garcelle weren’t too nice to her on that trip, shouted, accused her of lying and tried to force her to tell the story even though she was a wreck.

That’s I think why when she was on WWHL she said the kids in the pool wasn’t the story- because it’s either the one in Tahoe with Kyle and Sutton- or that it was worse and Crystal promised she’d never tel anyone- and this was to the detriment of her own character. So she clarified she was sticking to her word and not telling people.

When Sutton knocked the door, Crystal didn’t hear/ respond to say come in she was probably naked. The reason she probably was so upset was her body dysmorphia/ possible bulimic behaviours- body checking- she could’ve been caught doing anything- Sutton didn’t wait for a ‘come in’ went into her room, and said snarkily ‘I don’t know what you’re doing in here but I’ll leave you to it. So she felt violated as she was caught at a vulnerable moment which is valid.

Also about the 14 friends crap- part of that came from Crystal to Rinna- she explained that she had given a friend not to maybe do the show as she hadn’t been well and had a lot of things going on- years later Teddi recommended her, she joined, they seemed to get jealous. Teddi confirmed this and also said there maybe was a small incident where Crystal confided in someone about someone else and it got told to the group- so it sounds a lot worse than the others made it sound- Teddi said it’s not that serious.

Sorry it’s long- I just thought there was important information on there- and the videos do kind of clear some things up.

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