Did you drift away from your old school friends?

No, we've stayed very close friends. We all went to the same primary and secondary schools. Two of us went to the same college (the other two went to different ones). We all went to different unis, though I joined a friend of mine to do my master's while he did his PhD.

Two of us stayed in London, one moved up north for a bit (he's back in London) and the other has been working all over the world (currently in China). The three of us in England hang out every now and then but we're always on WhatsApp, sometimes play online games together.

That's kinda what's bound us together: gaming and our shared sense of humour. It's really rather childish in a way, but very good-natured and fun. The guy in China is moving back to London soon we hope, so it'll be the first time in ages we've all lived in London at the same time for a while.

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