Why did em decide to put all the best songs on the deluxe mmlp 2

This comment actually makes me want to cry. “Like brain damage of SSLP” lmao what?? Brain damage is one of his best songs of all time, has an amazing hook, his voice is perfect instrumental is Perfect, the storytelling is some of the best ever.

Groundhog Day isn’t even a quarter as good.

His voice sounds so forced in the first half of the song, along with the forced rhyme scheme he’s flows with the whole first half.

The storytelling is good but he gives up amazing storytelling by doing over complex rhyme schemes, wordplay and structure.

The production is dope tho.

(Survival, bad guy, the monster, so much better, headlights, brainless, legacy, beautiful pain, baby, wicked ways) are so much better, it’s not even a question.

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