Did you ever fall in love with someone you shouldn't have fallen in love with?

Yes. But luckily it faded quickly. I don't like to use the term crazy, but seriously, she had real problems.

When I first met her she was living with another guy. She immediately showed interest, like within the first 2 hours of meeting her. I didn't find out she had a live-in boyfriend until a week later. They had a kid together who had died at a few months old. If I had known their history from the beginning I would have never gotten involved. But she was manipulative.

Our relationship develops and she breaks up with the dude. I feel mildly bad about it, but told myself it was for the better as they were so unhappy with each other. She moves in with me.

A few weeks into our relationship she starts calling herself my spouse. My brothers immediately dislike her, but I'm seeing stars so I defend her left, right and center. I had blinders on during this whole time, looking back I realized what a narcissistic bitch she was.

I had a good friend who had previously dated her a couple years before, and he laid it all out for me. He told me that she would be with me for 5-6 months and then break up with me. I called bullshit, but he was exactly right.

After 5 months we broke up. But she broke up with me like a dude would, she just became steadily shittier and shittier as a girlfriend until I broke up with HER. She just stopped answering my phone calls one day. I don't know how she thought that would work out considering we lived together. It's hilarious to think about it now, we weren't some tinder hookup you could ignore into going away.

I immediately ignored her after we broke up and went out with some friends the night we broke up. She HATED that I wasn't pining over her, so she moved out (I don't know why, up to that point, I thought it would be acceptable for her to continue living with me, lol). After 2 weeks of not calling her or texting her, she started trying to contact me. She didn't like how quickly I had "moved on." In reality I was heartbroken but I told my friends and brothers to not let me drunkdial etc.

She starts telling me she made a mistake and wants me back. I say OK (idiot!) and she moves BACK in. This time we only lasted 4 or 5 weeks. This time breaking up was so much easier for me. We were arguing about her constant complaints, she just stopped caring mid argument and I said "we're breaking up again, aren't we?" She didn't say anything so I just said "ok! see ya!" and left.

After we broke up the second time she moved back in with her previous dude. After 3 weeks of living with him they got engaged and married. I think their engagement was a record 72 hours. A few weeks later she moved to another state and started going to college. 3 months after she moved out she starts calling me again, telling me she picked the wrong guy. She wants me to drop everything and move in with her, in another state, RIGHT NOW.

I laughed at her for a solid minute before she hung up, pissed. A week after that I learned she got a divorce. Next I learned she joined the Army reserves (no joke). She lasted in the Army for about 9 months before she got pregnant with another dude and was discharged (I think).

Last I heard she has gone through 3 different dudes and her baby daddy took the kid because she was too unpredictable.

I wouldn't say bullet dodged, more like buckshot dodged.

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