Did he steal my v card and is now played me?

We hung out took pics out in the city, had a good time, great convo, watched a movie at his place and then after the movie he made a move again, we kissed but then he picked me up to head to bedroom. I told him again I wasn’t ready since he had told me years ago he and I aren’t looking for the same thing, also that I’m pure and I only plan to do it with the right man or wait till marriage as first time matters. He literally touched me intimately (TMI) and said oh you are so ready and literally pushed himself I was in shock&froze. This happened so quickly that I didn’t know how to even react. It was extremely painful as we had only kissed and I kept crying, and kept telling him to plz stop. He stopped and later said why am I screaming like I’m having a triple heart transplant. He said, “but I didn’t want to stop so wants to start again second time.” obviously I started crying with pain again. He tried diff positions and I can’t go in 100% maybe it’s the angle. After that He said “you didn’t bleed, you know in old age if a girl didn’t bleed ppl wouldn’t believe she’s a virgin? “ and I thought to myself, he just took everything from me, caught me off guard, and now I’ve to defend my very first experience? I told him that not every girl bleeds, literally googled it on my phone and made him read that. He goes not that it matters nowadays but just saying. I went to the restroom and I saw blood, I wiped and literally called himto show the wiped off blood on the tissue paper. After that I came to the room and he said hmm I thought you wouldn’t be a virgin as you might have been with a guy or two,then we went to bed and started talking about normal things and his properties and tenants, and then he goes for round 3. I also felt like he was being a bit rough in his thrusts but I’m not sure since I’ve no previous experience. He finally came and seemed like this time he pulled out. Mind you I didn’t come any of the three times. I asked him if he used protection he said no, you’re a virgin so I’m not worried. I told thats not the point. I’ve never been with someone and needed to be safe. Now I was furious deep down that now I’ve to worry about pregnancy through precum, potential sti’s.

He tried to cuddle so I kept little distance as I didn’t want him to go for another round as I was sore. He had told me few day before That he was suppose to meet with his realtor next afternoon, so I wake up, he is already picked up my fav breakfast, and serves it to me. He also says one of my friend selling his bed in upstairs apartment I would have to go help dissemble the bed in an hour. I took it as a que he wants me out. It’s 930am. He asked me are you still in shock? I said yeah, I had mentioned last night that I’m shocked I lost it to “YoU” he had told me that it could have been to someone worst so I corrected myself that I can’t believe I lost it to you not as in you being a bad person but more like that I wasn’t ready and lost it. So I told him next morning that yeah I guess I’m still shocked this just happened last night. He smirks and gives me a Tylenol because my abdomen was hurting. He said I ordered waffles because you mentioned you liked them. I felt so out of place, I took Tylenol and then ate a little. he walked me downstairs to the building garage, he didn’t let me pay overnight parking fee and says, “ where I come from we take care of our women” walks me to my car,kisses&hugs me and leave. I got so confused with the mixed signals, on my way back I cried. we texted back and forth spoke 3-4 times on phone that week and I told him I’m not looking for hookups and you had your fun but if you want hookups I never want to see you again. he said “I don’t think of you like any other girl. Our values are very similar even though it may not seem like and believe it or not I do come from respected family, he thought the image of the night before I had made in mind was very different that what he was feeling, he felt we had a great time outdoors, watched movie, got intimate, he got me breakfast that I had mentioned I liked at some point, walked me downstairs because I had told him the garage alley was shady”. hasn’t sticked to a plan to meet and had rescheduled. he was also very worried if I would tell my friend and her husband. He said I went to get sti checked and said you should be fine and was going to send you the results. he said he asked god for forgiveness that he had taken advantage of me as an experience person he should have used protection and maybe not gone 3 rounds. He joked I’m glad my prayers are answered that you’re not in pain anymore. Please advise if I’m over thinking

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