Why did LE ignore this?! ...Bruising & deep scratches on RH's hands

But Ryan was an ex boyfriend with recent contact with Teresa. A young woman is missing and LE should be asking everyone questions. If he was not in her life since the break up I would give more leeway but he is still in contact with her. Since she is missing, LE should be talking to him and even suspecting him. Why? Because ex boyfriends and husbands who kill are more likely to do it when a woman has "moved on." These guys will hang around and be friends with the hopes that they will win you back. It is when they know that they can't get you back or another man might have you instead that they snap. I actually have first hand experience with this and it didn't end well. Ironically, I was choked. This will speak to the "but they were just friends part." We met playing sand volleyball in a social group for athletic singles. He had a temper, he was possessive, there were minor incidents that are clear in hindsight but nothing physical. I broke up with him but we still ran in the same circles. I went to a New Years Eve party and my friends (from the group) went to Las Vegas. I had a hotel room and my friend who is a nurse cancelled on me at the last minute b/c she got called in and could make double time. So, I had a room with two beds so that I would not have to drive home and the social group had blocked out many rooms for the event. I didn't have my "regular" friends around so at the very end of the night (morning) my ex BF pulls me aside and begs me to share a glass of champagne. I say NO. I party with a group of acquaintances and go to my room for sleep. For whatever reason when I first got to the room (before the party) I layed down on one of the 2 beds. When my ex came to my hotel room at 3:30am, I had been asleep and I answered the door just a little ways. He again begs me because after all it's New Years Eve but I say no. He won't leave and he's holding the door open and won't let me shut it. I pick up the phone and call the hotel security. He rips the phone off the wall and immediately accuses me of having someone else in the bed. I went to sleep in the "other" bed in the room. HE SNAPPED. He chased me around the room, I was yelling "help." He choked me. Rent a cop security officer came up and knocked on the door for what seemed like an eternity. My ex actually went to the door to say something. Rent a cop is short and skinny. My ex is 6'3" and athletic. Rent a cop just lets the door close but continues to knock while my ex is CHOKING me. He finally just threw his hands up in the air off of my throat and walked out. It was surreal. The point is twofold:

1) We were "friends." We were both still actively involved in the same social group and volleyball group.

2) I would hope that if I were missing, LE would at least talk to my ex BF. Ex boyfriends are a typical Person of Interest so I just don't understand.

Having said all of that, I have no reason to think RH did it. Collusion with LE to frame Avery is far fetched and the evidence, both hard and circumstantial points to Avery. I don't want the 2 issues to get confused. They are separate issues at this point in time.

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