Why Did You Move To Orlando?

Okay story goes:

I was 22 years old living in central Maine, it was a really cold winter and my and my buddy were miserable and bored. My buddy of the same age just inherited a bunch of money from his grandma and was looking for something to do. He always told me he has never left Maine and wanted to see other places. An idea popped in my head, it was February and I always wanted to goto Bike Week in Daytona Beach, FL so I pitched the idea to my buddy and he was all for it! Less than a week later we were southbound on i95 in my Cherokee and bike in tow (enclosed trailer). I remember leaving that night and it was 28 degrees.

We got to Daytona and figured the best idea for a place to stay would be to rent a condo next to Main st, screw hotels we had money. So we found the first condo that took cash and gave first/last/security. We had a blast! Made a lot of new friends, had parties, sooo many girls.

Well, a couple weeks my buddy wanted to buy a car to drive back to Maine with, we ran across an Orlando based street racing forum in the process. Started posting on there and made some friends. Well anyways, after a month and a half in Daytona our budget was running low so we came home.

I kept posting on that forum. I ended up falling in love with this girl that posted on here. She didn't pay any attention to me, maybe it was because I lived in Maine, maybe because she was just wild, who knows but all I could think about was her. My mind was set. Within a year I moved to Orlando and it was my goal to woo the woman of my dreams.

One year later we got married.

Now, that was 10 years ago and unfortunately we've since got divorced... her wild attitude that I fell in love with was the demise of our relationship. Since then I almost got remarried to someone else, and now I'm dating a new girl, but we still hang out once and a while. She has been, and will always be... the woman of my dreams.

So, here I am... still in Orlando.

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