Did you nex or narc have extreme issues with you talking to the opposite gender but would surround themselves with opposite gendered "friends"?

Constant triangulation, jealousy, and crazy making.

She constantly talked about exes and even one night stands she had. We’d be having a normal, fun conversation about our lives and she would turn it to a story about an ex boyfriend or hooking up on a trip with a stranger.

She routinely saw her recent ex boyfriend at friends parties and in their volleyball league, but if I had any contact with my grad school ex girlfriend from years before that was labeled disrespect and I was called sick and obsessed. She demanded to go through my phone and read every message or call I had with anyone.

We once went to a bar with friends and when she saw me talking to a female friend she went into a rage and humiliated me with saying how many guys in the bar that night who she had fucked.

There was always a story about how this guy wanted her, her ex wanted her back, her ex boyfriend was the greatest guy in the world, etc., but she demanded I delete all my social media and delete phone numbers of friends because I might be hitting on other women.

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