Did I over react?

To me, sounds like she was going home, but felt lonely, so changed her mind and wanted to be with someone but didn’t know if you’d be with her or if you’d care if she was with someone else so legit asked to see how you’d feel about it. Doesn’t sound like she lied, sounds like she changed her mind about going home. Then YOU lied in response, pretending you didn’t care. So that bothered her so she says why do you get to her, basically telling you she wants you to care about it, ie care about her. Then rather than see that, you again lie and say you don’t care. Then when she checks in on you if you’re mad, you unload on her saying she’s causing drama when you were the one not being honest about how you feel, that you didn’t like the idea of her going home with someone else.

Not trying to get in your face here, but dude, you’re missing all the clues, getting angry thinking she’s messing with you, when she actually probably likes you. Sounds like you struggle to admit vulnerable feelings like when you like someone, so you expect or wait for them to do it. But while you’re waiting you don’t seem to realize you’re actually giving off vibes that make it look like you don’t like them. Then when they’re not sure how you feel and try to figure you out, you get upset because you feel they’re trying to get a reaction out of you. You seem to feel unsafe and yet triggered when people do that, but in this case she probably wanted a reaction so she could tell how you feel about her because you’re giving off mixed signals. People wouldn’t be trying yo get reactions out of you if you were more direct with how you feel upfront. Honestly, it sounds like she puts up with a lot from you, apologizing and checking in when you get upset when she’s just trying to understand you.

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