Did A Paid M&G. Got Screwed Over, So I Got Revenge By Doing A Charge Back

Lol in your since removed original post you literally say the m&g was successful, multiple people have quoted that exact line so let’s not play dumb honey. And no, I wasn’t there but since I read that you said the m&g was successful I can then assume you thought it was indeed successful. I also feel like you’re still not getting the point of a m&g, it is in fact showing up, talking, and getting to know the other person. Which it sounds like she did, especially since you “felt it were a success.” You’re the one who agreed to pay for someone to show up and talk. And so what if she blew smoke up your ass about an arrangement? Honestly judging by how you’re acting on here she may have done it to avoid you causing a scene or some kind of backlash or retaliation from you since you’re acting like a toddler who’s mom just told them to put the candy bar back, “ BUT ITS WHAT I WANT HOW COME YOU GET TO DECIDE ANYTHING,” annnnd cue throwing yourself on the floor I tantrum. And btw the reason she can decide to say no is because it’s ~ her body ~

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