Did roblox remove the ability to check your moderation history?

“Failure is instructive. The person who really thinks learns quite as much from his failures as from his successes.” ― John Dewey

      There once was a boy. He decided to play a game. This boy joined a server and started having issues with another person. Through this boy’s contention, he (being of a young age), insulted this person.  This person decided to take action. He reported the boy for unnecessary bullying, and the boy got a 12 hour ban from Roblox. The boy brushed it off and waited for the 12 hours to be up. Simple enough, right?

      Well, the quote above mentions “The person who really thinks”. This boy may have not even thought about this ban because of his lack of judgment (Especially because judgment primarily develops between puberty and adulthood). 

      A few years later, the boy has matured and developed enough to be capable of reasoning. He is browsing through his account settings, making sure that his friends can enter into his game whenever they please, when he notices the moderation history tab. Curious, the boy opens it and flips through them. Seeing the comments made by the Admins reminds him of what happened those times he was temp banned or warned. He feels embarrassed and thinks about what happened that day he was banned. He remembers how easy it would’ve been to walk away or settle the conflict reasonably, but he was just a foolish kid. We all were at some point. 

      In a few aspects, this boy is me. If you were to deprive us from viewing our past mistakes, you’re also depriving us from further learning from these little trip ups that most of us have had. A sight that promotes creativity, learning, and entertainment should be in favor of giving players more opportunities to learn from their past mistakes. It may also be important for accounts moderated by parents to have access to moderation history to make sure their child is behaving well on Roblox. Now, these are the PROS, but I have not seen many CONS in this subreddit. Without CONS I cannot make a proper argument, but this is what I’ve got. I hope my views are respectfully argued or agreed with, and please consider adding back in the option to view moderation history.
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