Why did you sleep with yor bestfriends S.O?

My gf's best friend tried [also girl I should add] to sleep with me while we were dating. Didn't go that far, but lots of flirting. When the three of us hung out she would constantly give me looks. I remember at a pool party she had quite the convinient wardrobe malfunction...where only I saw. Also after a school dance function the three of us went to an after party, got drunk, my gf was out and I fingered the best friend and she gave me a bj. Eventually I broke up with gf for unrelated reasons, and I had sex with the best friend at her dad's house literally 24 hrs after. It was the first and beat time I've ever had to date. I had never felt so much guilt after cuming before. I think she felt the same too, afterall it was her best friend's ex she was hooking uo with, so we kinda grew apart and lost connection

Looking back on it, I was such a piece of shit. But 15 and horny so I dont blame myself too much. I am not that person today. Hell, i havent even kissed a girl in a year or so lol.

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