Did you know a teacher that had relations with a student? Did they ever get caught, if so how?

Might not be what you’re looking for, but I had a teacher act really weird to me when I was around 17. He was a dude in his mid 30s who taught English. I remember one day near the end of school when I was saying goodbye to all the teachers I gave him a peck kiss on the cheek as a joke because I liked to shock people and it got a good laugh from the students and some teachers. He got all embarrassed and stuff but thought it was funny. We’ll later that evening right before I leave, he comes to me and says “ hey do you like need a ride home? We can like hang out and stuff if you want”. I knew this man a little bit, but this was a really weird and out of left field thing to ask. I told him I was okay but he said “ are you sure you don’t need a ride? We could just chill or whatever.”. He just kind of pushed the topic and I got uncomfortable and just left. I know when people are being weird, and that made every alarm in my head go off.

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