Why did Trey even do that interview and post it? I don't get it.

I have read every dd and nearly every single post sorted by new for many months now (I see y'all in new spamming ridiculous shit - I go back and check hot and top posts as well to make sure I don't miss anything).... between r/wallstreetbets, r/wallstreetbetsnew, r/gme, /superstonk, and many others in between. I have also kept up to date with stickied god tier dds and daily live charting bros. I have ~10,000 gme shares at a low cost average buy in..

With this being said, I don't know who the fuck "trey" is, and who cares about JB.

I've got to this point without knowing either of them. Buy, hold, buy all dips, hold even more. Suck it boomers.

Cya bros on the forbes list

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