Did the world just collectively forget about this headline from 2 years ago?

I'm wondering about otherworldly implications at this point. Why on Earth did we just start shooting down UAP's, if, that's what in fact just happened?

I'm just waking up in the middle of the night now, thinking about the different levels of insane that everybody could go to over this whole unanswered mess.

The Pentagon now has a task force to search for UFO's - and has for going on a few years now. But why did we just turn a corner, and decide to start blowing stuff out of the sky? I mean, I don't know, but everything feels like a bad trip all of a sudden.

I think this is totally insane to think this: But, why did one of one of our Blackhawk helicopters just crash? Other people are wondering this. And where the helicopter crashed seemed to be strangely symbolic of - God knows what.

I'm just saying, there have been numerous accounts, over the years, of helicopters and UAP's sort of interacting with each other. Retelling after retelling of UAP's apparent abilities to mess with the controls of various aircrafts are legion.

Are the aliens vengeful, like humans are? What if there were a form of life, connected to/operating the UAP's (whatever was really shot down) that we blew out of the sky? These crafts were benign, and not posing a threat to us.

I mean, this is all crazy talk now. Did we just take alien life, because we reconfigured the NORAD controls, and where able to detect the UAP's that where there all along? Did we destroy life in some form? Did our government just kill a bunch of aliens because we could? I mean, I hope not.

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