Did your car break down on the side of the road? What was the issue?

I have owned to many cars for just one answer to this so here is my top 5 1 most recent 05 Durango rod decided it wanted to make a “oil vent hole” in block. 355k miles. 2. Bcm 97 ram. It just wouldn’t work after it got to temp. 230k miles. 3. 77 caddy “the big body shark fin having 200$ car” one day driving down the highway the wheel fell off. Snapped the shaft and blew the guts out of the rear end. 400+k on the body only 8k on that engine. 4. 97 Astro van. Also 200$ special pos sent a valve right threw the orbit and still drove it 15 miles on a gravel road home. Unknown mileage as it didn’t have a gage cluster. 5. 85 grand marquis 350k miles on car 100k on motor one day the rear ps rear spring just snapped. Broke in an industrial area and I gave a forklift driver by there 20 bucks to pick it up and used a jack to smash the axle away from the body popped spring in and never bolted it down. Had that car for 4 years as a daily paid 400$ for it and nothing worked on it correctly but the motor and it looked just like a jacked up rubix cube. Every panel was a different color as I got all the parts from a junk yard. Also side note I did a qualifier pass 1/4 mile in it at 14 quarter mile in it. I put such a big cam in it it would die at idle sometimes

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