Why didn’t Austin/Rock main event Mania 19?

Austin had his 2002 issues but was still over. However, during Austin vs Hollywood Rock feud, Austin didnt do anything during the buildup. It was all Rock, really.

The interest was there, especially for Rock, but it wasnt near Rock-Hogan level. The way they booked Rock after Hogan felt more like a “special feature/legends” booking, rather major part of the on-going shows, so Hollywood Rock wasnt really overbearing. He gave Hurricane a spotlight, put (now babyface) Booker T over. The only feud they hyped it as main event was Rock vs Goldberg, which they had to because Goldberg was a huge signee.

They book Hollywood Rock not as main eventer, also not as midcarder as he got whatever airtime he wanted, but as a special feature. And he still stole the show whenever he was on.

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