Didn't even need the second overlay tbh

1000s of little concessions made to the left, and no one ever spoke out because they were afraid of being called racist or homophobic or transphobic. Now we’re at a point where people needing therapy over hearing scary ideas is normal. Do you think it’s gonna stop there? Do you think these people won’t vote to destroy free speech? We’re already seeing it with the push against ‘misinformation’.

When people say they’re worried about the state of universities they aren’t talking about “therapy” they’re worried because universities (the places that are supposed educate the most intelligent people in society) have been corrupted by a marxist idealogy

Now, every year more and more kids get shit out by the education system. Fully indoctrinated and ready to vote for whatever the media tells them to, even if it doesnt allign with their values. They do this because they believe (like you believe) that the right are evil, nazi, theocrats. So they have to vote democrat. Biden might be evil but he’s still not Trump

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