Didn't have friends my own age growing up, wasn't a part of any group

never been part of a group my own age, and how I wish I could act like the teenager I never got to be, despite being 23 years old. My parents ended up stunting me

I understand, and many more people also understand and have similar histories. The problems may be extremely specific, and it's likely they are and I won't be able to fully undestand, but I want you to know that lot of people are with you and support you.

just like their own environment had stunted them and their buddies (sorry, don't mean to make a formal diagnosis when I say these people were "stunted").

No need to be sorry. I believe some people are like that. But nothing is impossible, everyone can get better and there's no limit to that. I know it's easy to say, but keep believing in people. I don't know if that is always right, and if I'm wrong, I believe that you will make your own way. I'm glad you shared your experience.

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