Why didn't they kiss ? Does she have a contract or something like that ? That's weird for the CW.

We're in a literal pandemic and she's the lead so they can't afford to take any risks with her ...? It's not that hard to understand. Barry and Iris haven't kissed. Kara's love life is dead and Sara is kidnapped anyways so she and Ava are far apart due to the plot. It's been a while since I've watched Superman & Lois but I can't remember Clark and Lois kissing on the lips either. Black Lightning I don't watch but I'm assuming it's the same case over there. And what does weird for CW even mean? Ppl make out on every single show on every single network don't they? Anyways it seems like the Arrowverse productions are just being extra careful and don't want to bother with all the extra precautions they would need for the actors to take like multiple covid tests or vigorous use of mouthwash like actors on Riverdale have to do.

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