It didn't need a title in the first place, let alone two

I had no contact from the mods, so clearly your three reports were three examples of you misinterpreting or overinterpreting the rules.

  1. Title was unique and clearly did not violate the title rule

  2. It may have been a repost, but I have never seen, and how would I search for it to check? Nobody else complained. You are the one with the problem.

  3. Re the list of common posts, you realise that's talking about any unpleasant surprise in life where a no-effort response is to utter that line. I submit that this post was NOT that, and as I repeat, no action was taken on any of the reports that God compelled you to make.

I have deleted my own post because clearly it is nothing special, and I didn't particularly want it on my resume.

Good luck with everything.

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