I didn't read all of this I just thought I'd share the link about a church pastor who committed suicide.

True but mainstream christianity is becoming the minority compared to the lunatics. The prosperity gospel has rebranded itself and new teachers are coming into mega churches slowly getting people into this stuff, they start off with teachers who are not as radical but those are like the bait... theres gotta be a logical reason why so many people are at these massive crusades for the prosperity stuff. People don't just accept it right off the bat. Its a slow process through teachers they don't know are associated with the prosperity teachers. It works like a trick. And theres a lot of manipulation. People getting addicted to hearing individual prophecies. The only people who actually cover this stuff about the prosperity gospel today are like super religious christians that are on the other type of christianity. They call the prosperity people the "New Apolostalic Reformation" or the "NAR". I can't listen to either types of christianity, both are insane in different ways. But if you do a little research about the NAR you'll find that more christians are leaving the "regular" (idk what to call it) christianity and going into this lunatic stuff.

The evangelical church's are just mellowed out charismatic churches.

The old types of Christian churches are closing down. And the ones that are staying in "business" are the "word of faith" ones, the "evangelical" ones and the "charismatic" ones. Especially because christian music like "Bethel Music" are apart of the "lunatic" part of Christianity and ALMOST every single christian church loves Bethel music.

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