Why do you want to die?

I 100% have depression and anxiety, I went to therapy until I was 16, I refused to take any medications because their synthetic mood changers and I've seen what they can do to people first hand especially after stopping or changing them, doctors just hand out whatever companies pill that is paying the most and the chemical imbalance does more harm then good.

I have horrible luck in life despite actually being a very upbeat person, I don't mope around and say oh poor me irl, I try to bring people up and stay positive, but I cannot catch a break a perfect example is I lost my license to some bullshit and when I finally saved up enough to get it back, I got an infection in my wisdom teeth, now I am further in debt. Every time my life looks up, shit happens. I know that's life but after 26 years of "just brushing it off and picking myself up" I've learned life is just a bitch sometimes and not everyone gets to keep their head above water, someone has to be at the bottom to keep others afloat.

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