Do you want to die or do you just want your life to be better?

I'm probably an exception to the rule, but I want to die because I DON'T want things to get better for myself. I have a bright future, but I don't want to support this self-righteous, hypocritical world. It really shows in a sub like this. Didn't take very long (only what, a few minutes?) to see a post of "sUiCiDe iS sElFisH bEcAuSe iT hUrTs oThErS."

It confirms what I've been recently thinking. Those types treat suicidal people like a critically sick pet they just can't give up on.

"It only has a few months to live, you should put your pet down." Instead, they pump it full of medication in the hopes that it gives them a few more "good" memories. All the while it wastes away until the bones show.

They're the ones who are cruel and selfish. But I don't blame them. Everything in this world forces people to continue living, both instinctually and societally, to keep the wheel of torture and horror spinning.

I know all the things I could gain by changing, but I reject them too.

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