$crims style and Ruby’s style are different, and thats what makes them so amazing and one the biggest underground come ups yet. Because, unlike most modern rap groups, they dont spit the same exact thing everytime. Im talking flow, word choice, delivery, etc., Ruby is very lyrical and in depth but come on, he raps in drum rudiments(which i love) But how easy is it to sing along with? $crim isnt as lyrical but his flow is always so phonky and smooth, but sometimes repetitive and shallow. But the beauty here is when you put them together, theyre highlights combined outshine every pitfall of their own individual style.

And nothing makes this more clear than IWDINO. This is their best yet imo and yes ive been stating the obvious but it seems some of you have forgotten a bit. we need to chill on the boy$ and damnit leave $crim alone! His verses were just as fucking raw as Ruby’s, in his own damn way.

I swear i feel like Chris Crocker the way some of yall jumpin on $crim.

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