[Dieter Kurtenbach on KD vs Steph] - For the record, I definitely favored Steph Curry, because Curry didn’t demand media fealty for his on-court greatness or, at times, project insecurities so hard as to make me feel an undefined level of uncomfortable.

Exactly. The conformation bias of each popular thread is often as skewed as the opinions themselves.

I will open, vote, and comment on almost any font-page post that involves GSW, and ignore about half the posts that don't even if they're near the top. Most people are probably the same.

People who hate a certain player are more likely to participate in a thread bashing that player, and more likely to ignore a thread celebrating them. We all want to join a discussion with people who agree with us so we can feel good. A smaller percentage wants to argue with people they think are really, really wrong--and they're usually on the top if you sort by controversial.

Each popular post is kind of a cool microcosm of the internet. It's neat, but it also means you shouldn't take any single upvoted post seriously, because each one becomes its own echo chamber.

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