Difficulties dating

I have come to the conclusion that some individuals believe that me employing the use of language that I do - and the manner in which my idiosyncrasy is displayed in this limited form of communication (as far as how much is known about me) - may elicit this notion that I am not being true to myself. For me, that is a pathetic argument. We are who we are. We literally can't pretend to be someone else. I did not decide to "fake" my muscles, nor to "fake" my writing awards; it took years of discipline and hard work. As evidenced by my thread, I do not seek instant gratification (also known as Dopamine); rather, I seek to genuinely grow as a human being. Experiences that may have traumatized many have only been forces of motivation for me throughout my life.

I am not a big believer in psychology, let alone arm-chair psychology.

I kindly ask for future people that read my thread to stop projecting their feelings of inferiority and to focus on granting me the dating advice that I initially asked for. Instead of questioning the information that I have provided, just embrace it and answer me as if it were an essay. In an essay, you do not question the prompt; you solely answer it.

Thank you,

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