Digital Foundry Staff Doesn’t Seem to Happy

Maybe then stop downvoting me LMAO, I didn't downvote yours!

Anyways I hear you on that, but I even MS themselves said it would only really be supported for the first year or two. Just like how the xbox 360 was with GTA V, Destiny, etc. However both consoles will use the same architecture, so this time around it literally is just lowering settings for the Xbox one and raising them for the xbox one series X. Texture quality has very minor impact on gpu/cpu, so both consoles should be able to experience the same texture quality.

However as far as post processing, lighting, anti-aliasing those sort of things will clocked way way back on the xbox one as these way far to heavy on the console and can cause performance issues.

I just disagree with the xbox one holding anything back, as its literally the same architecture. Consoles have been holding PC players back for years. Now it finally happens (sort of) to the console kids and they freak the fuck out. I just find that Ironic is all.

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