Dignitas vs. AliGon | BO3 | 07.03.15 | 19:00 CET

Team analysis for Dignitas

So clearly this team will be the favorites. Since we all know how well Fetish and everybody else in the team can play. Dig managed to recently beat Volgare, 2-0. 16-6 on mirage, and 16-12 on inferno. So if we had to look at how these teams are performing i would have to say dig are clearly stronger, they show better strategy execution and individual skill. Not much else to say really other than dig will want to play dust 2 and inferno. However i have to note this team can have bad performances as we have seen in the past.

Team analysis for AG

Dont get me wrong, i have seen some really skilled players in this team, some huge 1 vs 2 clutches and what not. So this game will actually be a good determination of their skill level as a team. Since individual plays can only get you so far. Also need to note that this team has not played a lot of games with this lineup. So we cant really say just how well they will do since they are playing a team who is known to perform well vs lower rated teams.

Overall Analysis

the odds for this game is probably since the dig team has more experience as well as time together as a team.So really, we could see AG upset a map from Dignitas if they don't play this game carefully or take it seriously. However i dont see AG upsetting 2 maps in this best of 3.

Betting Advice

A medium-high bet on Dignitas would not be a bad idea. However please note. I myself don't like to bet on games that have odds higher than 75% for a number of reasons. There is always the risk of a team having a bad game, as well as teams being too overconfident and making big mistakes which could cost the game. Please not this does not apply to all matches. As sometimes the overdog and winner can be pretty clear. So the best bet would be a low on AG or potentially just enjoy watching this game.

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