Dip After hours, why? None of my stocks dipped when looking at their charts....

Thought that chart was displaying your total investment amount? The "dip" wouldn't necessarily show up in individual stocks, there might be multiple stocks within your portfolio that moved down after hours, which that total loss is showing on your overall chart. Said stocks may not have a noticeable downward trend on the chart, but the total loss put together might make a definite downward trend on the total investment chart.

You have 10 individual stocks with a total investment amount of $1000. Say 5 stocks decrease by $10. That loss is 10% and on the individual stock chart it might not be that great, but overall you lost 25% which would probably show up as a very noticeable dip. Visually on a graph those numbers probably wouldn't work the way I described but I'm hoping to get the point across.

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