[DIPLOMACY] Iran - Sudan diplomatic mission 2025

Sudan welcomes the extension of an olive branch by the Islamic Republic of Iran and looks forward toward the development and fostering of a more amicable relationship. Sudan will stand with Iran against the sweeping forces of Western Imperialism.

Iran seeks to reestablish diplomatic relations with Sudan once again. This is the fundamental requirement before other options are agreed upon. We will seek to reestablish a diplomatic mission in the former Iranian embassy in Khartoum.

Sudan takes no issue with this and will reciprocate the gesture will the formal reopening of its own embassy in Tehran.

Iran seeks to reestablish Iranian groups and activities in Sudan. This includes Shia mosques and non governmental organizations operations.

This condition is to be granted with the reaffirmation that the goal of the Islamic Republic of Iran is purely cultural and educational, with the mission of promoting higher education in Africa. NGOs will be mandated by Khartoum to register with the government prior to facilitating operations and maintain a reasonable level of transparency as agreed upon by the two governments.

< Iran states that it is interested in increasing economic relations with Sudan. Iran seeks to get a preferential trading agreements with Sudan on automotive, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, industrial machinery, and consumer goods.

So long as agricultural products are shipped directly from the country of origin, Sudan does not have a problem with the aforementioned request.

<Iran states that it is interested in developing relations in the exchange of culture and education. Iran can accept 2,000 of Sudan's top students for scholarship in elite government universities.


<Iran can provide Sudan arms and munitions to the military bypassing the United Nations arms embargo stating that the equipment will not be used in the Darfur conflict just like how Sudan receives arms from Russia and China. A condition however is the reopening of IRGC interests in Sudan including IRGC black sites across Sudan for its operations in Africa as well as recruiting Sudanese citizens into the Quds Force.

Sudan cannot commit to the terms as stated. In lieu of the reopening of IRGC interests in Sudan, Khartoum would be willing to provide Iran will a preferential rate on exports of Sudanese uranium for its civilian nuclear efforts in change for military equipment.

<Iran can once again reopen training of Sudanese military officers in its own military academies.

Sudan is hopeful that Tehran and Khartoum can participate in joint military and naval exercises, while joining together in anti-pirating patrols in the Red Sea and Horn of Africa.

<Iran states if Sudan is interested in joining the Middle Eastern Coalition as an observer and consider being a member.

Sudan looks forward to cooperation with the coalition.

Khartoum is hopeful that rapprochement between our two nations will lead to a more prosperous and stable relationship for the region and our global community.

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