[Diplomacy] The Strasbourg Declaration

The only reason any of this space crap pulls through is because there is basically no mod oversight. Your budgets are tiny and wouldn't reach ANYWHERE near the moon. You are aiming for full colonisation by 2036, where NASA, which currently irl has budget twenty times of yours, is not even able to send people on lunar orbit, let alone permanently set people down there. Space exploration is expensive as fuck, and demands a fuckton of engineering experience, something dutch don't have. They are good at reclaiming land from the sea, but not from creating bases off of the earth.

https://www.reddit.com/r/Geosim/comments/9z74rf/event_beyond_the_horizon/ - is this what you're talking about? Because all you did is write down some probes, satellites, and all of sudden, you are having space colonies. Because why not? Shit, if it's that easy, I'm going to just pour billions into ESA and we'll have space luxury resorts orbiting Pluto by 2040. ALL the costs written down are laughably low, there is literally no technical stuff written down, it's just random stuff that's somewhat relevant to space. Ignoring the fact that you have no space facilities, no satellites, no infrastructure, nothing.

I'm sorry, but I've seen some terrific posts on this sub regarding space exploration. I haven't written them, but they've been here. They were written by relevant nations, that do have the expertise in the field. They weren't netherlands suddenly pulling off of ESA, with no explanation, no build up, just randomly coming to an idea of starting an independent space program.

Fuck this shit.

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