Directv Satellite customer Migrated to new Directv app NO Channels

MSNBC and CNN have become MSNBC HD and CNN HD, and I can no longer receive them.

Long ago, I switched from Charter to DirecTV and the installer claimed he couldn’t aim at the HD satellite(s) because of trees in my yard, so we’ve had the SD peasant service all this time. Annoying, but Charter had gotten so bad that I refused to deal with them anymore.

Fast forward to today. Flip on the TV, pop over to MSNBC (now MSNBC HD), and screen tells me I don’t get this channel. Ditto for CNN(HD) and FNC(HD).

Any ideas how to fix this? Considered switching to DirecTV Stream, but not happy with the cost of the Premier package, and def not happy with current cust serv.

Can anyone help?

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