Dirt rally is much better than dirt rally 2.0

I prefer DiRT Rally 1 but not for any of the reasons you mentioned. I wasn't a fan of DR2.0’s visuals, on the base PS4 they are way too blurry (especially Poland), and the lighting is too over the top for my liking. The feedback/vibration for controllers also seems to be a bit off, and i’ve heard that the same is true for a lot of wheel and pedals players, I don't get as much road and surface feeling as DR1. I also can't stand DR2.0’s DLC model, I bought the deluxe edition day one, but then had to throw more money at the game to get stuff that should have been in it from the beginning (Kit Cars, 2001 Focus and Impreza, etc.).

I also much prefer DR1’s career mode design, and the car selection (2010’s WRC cars, the older version of the Quattro, and the 1987/88 Pikes Peak cars are my favourites). I also like the AI better, in DR2.0 they were way too inconsistent. DR1 has Pikes Peak, a really accurate version of Pikes Peak too, which always has me coming back for more.

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