Disabled vet and musician live streams one song per day. Loses everything in a house fire. Buys a harmonica and continues daily stream from his car.

You are getting extraordinarily heated about this. All tllnbks is saying is that the initial thought people had over the title of the post is that the man lost a house that he either owned or owed on. This turns out not to be true as he was just renting, which is good news for him as that means that his lose wasn't as severe. It is easier to find a new place to rent.

The fact that you honestly think that losing your living space is an inconvenience tells me you have no concept of living in an even remotely impoverished lifestyle.

Of course losing your living space is an inconvenience, but losing a house is a far bigger inconvenience than losing a rented property.

I honestly don't think you understand that not everyone lives in financial environments identical to your own. That leads me back into thinking that, again, you're either dense or 15.

Textbook case of irony here, with some hypocrisy mixed in. You're straight up suggesting that because he feels slightly differently than you, then he clearly lives in a different 'financial environment' with no other information to go on.

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