disapproving stoners

I am one of those stoners.

But I do not bitch about it, I mostly know my facts. What I mean is that I have read multiple books about drugs and I decided for myself that I will stay on the psychedelic path. I realized that drugs like LSD, Psylocybin, THC and other psychedelics are not dangerous at all when taken responsible and with a clear mind and a well working brain.

I tend to hype those drugs because they are easy to control (as long as you know what you are doing), where other drugs WILL leave damage, like Heroin or amphetamines.

It's just that it is widely known that it may be not the best idea to take Heroin in the first place and I would tell people that I am concerned because of what they are about to do.

Also weed is not a drug that makes you "dumb". I have never been so high on THC that I shot my mother. Plot twist, there lives a heroin addict in my town, who did (on heroin).

I myself never experienced substances like Heroin or Cocaine, but I consumed a bit of Speed when I wanted to know how those stimulants work. I experienced significant changes in my body and none of them positive. Yeah, I was awake and yeah, I was hella concentrated, but at the same moment I was able to feel that a human body is not meant to be under the influence of such a substance (holy shit, my dick).

Also I try to live a life that makes it unneccessary to take drugs like amphetamines because I normally do not push my body behind it's very own limits, but I love psychedelics because they can show you more shapes of your very own reality and if you like those things you can have some visuals, and some great insight and well, no damage. And I repeat, no damage as long as you know what you take and why.

For me doing drugs isn't a game, even tough I am 100% pro legalisation of any drug, knowing that banning them just results in bad quality for the users.

But in the current situation I will say something if you want to take your extacy, throw some DXM or snort some meth. Those drugs have a heavy influence on your body and its physical markup and I do not want to pay such a price.

I will not judge anyone for any substance he takes, I can not know why he did it and what he wanted to achieve. But I on the other hand I will tell you about my concerns and drop you if you got a real problem and want me to fix it.

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