[disco] What's wrong with you?

Apparently being fucking nice is my flaw. I don't fucking get it. I started talking with a girl on okcupid and she just would barely keep any online conversation whatsoever fucking going - just answer with one word or short answers, that's it.

We make plans to go rock climbing together but she says she has to reschedule because she feels like crap. I just respond "oh, sorry about that, that sucks. I'd bring you soup or something to make you feel better but that'd be weird at this point" and then proceed to make a plan to contact her the next day to see how she feels. I text her at about 10:30 and ask how she's feeling - no response. I then proceed to text her about 7 hours later after I got out of an area with very little signal - still no response. All I fucking send is "guess you're not feeling well. Hope you feel better and have a nice weekend!"

She responds to me with "Like I said, I was working and still feeling crappy. This is a bit much, seems like you're looking for something much more serious than I am. I'm just no longer interested".

I wouldn't be ranting if this wasn't like the third girl I've talked to on this godforsaken website who wasn't a complete idiot. I didn't even text her every day and sometimes not even every other day - and most of them were just very brief friendly conversations. Like how stupid do you have to be to just send a few brief lines to clear up this apparent misunderstanding.

I have two more girls I'm planning stuff with and we'll see how those pan out. After that, I just can't do this any more. I avoid idiotic/rude/immature people in real life because I hate dealing with people like this to begin with and this site seems to expose me to nothing but that, and I'm sick of clearing my busy schedule for garbage.

Sorry, my rant is over.

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