Disconnected from others and inflexibility

I believe emotions and feelings (Fe) were trying to make their place in my life but in a so chaotic way that it inevitably ended up in a complete mess.

Ouch, this rings a bell. I haven't detailed my story about that high school crush... it was a crazy time to be around me. I was constantly trying to bury emotions very deep and I was immature back then (and still am, but not to the same extent). I just felt that this guy would just laugh at me. I believed he was really great in comparison to me, so that's why I thought I had no right to even befriend him. I really cared about this guy, but I have felt that everything i'd do for him would end up in failure. I've entered a very bleak period of what I'd call depression. Add this to insecurity and distrusting my parents. Eh... But it also helped develop as a person. It made me think of who I am and who I want to be.

I'm not completely 'fixed' these days, but I'm sure I feel better than in high school.

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