Discord server mod rant

Not trying to say it's not my fault and I even admited it was my fault and took responsibility in the muted channel. Yeah it's dumb to antagonize when the mod is handling people but it's the internet it's fun to act dumb and you should be free to do so and not be banned because your an idiot, idiots have rights too.

Maybe I'm expecting too much out of these mods though they are human and should be respected but I do still do stand by my point that they do act unprofessional, when I first entered the muted channel the admin was thirsty to extend my mute, luckily I kept a good attitude and got unmuted but still fuck these mods.

On their side of things though it would be really hard to move over to a logical approach over an emotional I bam you because I don't like you. It would take a lot of time to figure out the best way to make a well constructed set of rules I wouldn't be able to do it. That's my opinion feel free to chew it up. Enough internet arguing for me today. I'm going to bed.

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