Discord store will charge developers the same 30% commission as Steam

I think you are missing my point.

I am talking about huge games and companies like my example.

30% cut of 1 million sales of $50 game = 15 million dollar (totally underestimate for big tittles)

I don't think with that scale of money can't do all the stuff like cloud saves and match servers just for 1 game. Can just easily hire like 10 ppl for server maintenance and borrow servers from AWS or Google, bandwidth isn't really the problem(also the scale of servers are going to get much smaller along with time quickly. )

And again, That's why huge companies are publishing their games on their own platforms like Uplay, Battle.net, etc . because

what you are talking about is indie game developers and small/middle studios.

All of that put together is easily 30% of your revenue in additional expenses.

of course, its going to be easily 30% of more of dev's revenue if there are only a few people.

Because they share the wealth.

Considering that the industry standard has been 30%, like, forever

Tradition does not make it a right thing. that's one of the most unconvincing argument i have seen in a while.

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