Discounting humans and simians and their interactions with the environment, what do you think would be the first animal species to industrialize?

I'll take a step back for a moment, and note that the question seems to reflect a common misconception about evolution. Evolution results in adaptations that affect a species' fitness for its specific environment. As a result, evolution often results in specialization (though, the persistence of primitive bacteria is evidence that some original models still work just fine).

That specialization, though, is just fitness for life and competition in a specific context. There's no impetus for living things to evolve toward human-like structures or behavior (except when there is). So, bats, butterflies, ravens, sea dragons, orchids, and dung beetles all evidence high levels of specialization (one might describe them as "highly evolved"), because they all have highly specialized structures, and in some cases behaviors. But, there's nothing pushing any of them to develop industry in the sense that you describe. Ultimately, evolution isn't a stairway to humanity.

Ironically, all of the traits that are preconditions to industry- traits like brains that enable problem solving and communication, the ability to manipulate objects, structures and behaviors that enable communication- are generally useful to solving simple, immediate resource problems. As a result, these traits tend work against the need for technical solutions. If I can pry open an oyster with my own body, I don't need a tool for that.

Ultimately, in my opinion, industry is far more a matter of social behavior than biology. People create more complicated technology for purposes like accumulating wealth, fighting the sort of wars we do in the modern era, and surviving in environments for which our biology is not well-suited. All of these endeavors go far beyond solving problems of individual or extended family-group survival, which effectively puts them outside the normal scope of evolution. So, to some extent, this question is, "what species are irrational enough to industrialize?"

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